Lovely El Chiflon and the Five Waterfalls, Mexico, February 2021

Cascada El Chiflon Eco Park is located in Chiapas, Mexico.

From San Cristobal de las Cases we took a couple collectivos and a moto (the Mexican version of a tuk tuk or rickshaw) to El Chiflon Eco Park. The park had already closed at 5 when we arrived around 5:30 PM but they opened the gate to let our moto through and there was a man who rented us a cabana for 600 pesos ($30 US). The restaurant was closed so we dropped off our bags and had him call us another moto back out of the park to eat.

View from the window in our cabana, right next to the river!

We set our alarm the next morning for 8:00 and had breakfast at the park’s onsite restaurant . We had the reception desk hold our bags and checked out then headed up the trail. Entrance was 25 pesos each. We stopped every chance we got to photograph the gorgeous opaque turquoise water.

Cascada El Suspiro, one of FIVE waterfalls to see in the park.
Incredibly gorgeous turquoise water!

There are five falls, each one beautiful. There are three zip lines, each one a different length and price if you want to zipline down. Be prepared for all the stone steps and very steep incline especially to see the top 2 waterfalls. Go early to beat the heat and most of the climb will be in the shade.

Ian ascends some steep, slippery steps. Beware of mist getting on your camera!

We made it all the way to the top and almost back to the entrance by 1:30 when we stopped for a much needed beer. After that we enjoyed swimming in the cold refreshing aqua pools below the falls.

We enjoyed swimming in this magical place after our hike up the mountain.
This iguana was 6 to 7 feet long! Huge beastie!

We had lunch at the park restaurant where we saw iguanas and white throated magpie jays (see a pic of the magpie jay in my blog ‘Beautiful Beaches of Oaxaca Mexico’). Back on a collectivo headed to Comitan to spend the night before crossing the Guatemala border!


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  1. This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen! As you said each one is as beautiful as the next! The wonder of Mother Earth!

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