Malaga, Spain Oct 2017

Catedral de Santa Maria de la Encarnacion, Malaga Spain

Spain! We arrived sleep deprived after flying from Reno, NV to Denver, CO, on to Frankfurt Germany and finally Malaga Spain. Luckily for us we had an unusually empty flight on Lufthansa for the 9 hour leg so Ian and I (plus all the other ‘chosen ones’) had entire seats to stretch our legs out on. And really I ask you, what is first class? We were served meals, warm cloths to wipe our hands, complimentary wine and beer and got to lay down flat to sleep. Economy in Lufthansa makes all humans equal again.

Munching down tapas at one of the El Pimpi’s
Jamon hanging in El Pimpi Taberna, Malaga Spain

Centro Historico, Malaga Spain

Malaga enchanted us with it’s late night lifestyle, reminiscent of Italy. The restaurants are just opening at 7 PM and we stayed out eating plentiful tapas and drinking until 11. And left plenty of people still sitting there having another! Our big lesson today was Castilian  Spanish is not the same as Mexican Spanish. Fortunately the only odd thing we ended up ordering due to lack of translation was goat, which turned out to be pretty tasty! 

My Packing List for 6 Months Around The World

My Clothes

The breakdown of what I’m bringing with me to travel for 6 months around the world. Personally this is one of my favorite posts to read in travel blogs where I can gleen from other’s research the best gear and most efficient ways to pack. My clothes starting from the top and going left to right:

Long Underwear top and bottom

5 pairs of undies (I don’t love doing laundry)

3 pairs of socks  (2 are crew, one is no-show)


Bathing Suit


Travel Pants (Prana Halle waterproof, quick drying and super comfortable)

3 t-shirts

2 sun dresses

Jean shorts (yes impractical but they look good on me)

Zip up sweater/jacket

2 long sleeve shirts (one is dressy, to wear with travel pants for nicer evenings out)

Light Down Jacket (crushable to a wee bitty size)

Rain/Wind jacket

My Gear

Now the fun part! Keep in mind that my stalwart companion is also bringing an assortment of stuff, and what’s not pictured is: Pepto Bismol, Band-Aids, deoderant (yes we share), the “real” camera, and my phone (because that’s how I’m taking this photo). Also realized I will be bringing my glasses with me for when my contacts are feeling dry. Starting from the top going left to right:

Cross body day bag (to foil the bag snatchers)

Hat (crushable and has a bill for sun shade)

Travel towel by PackTowel 

Passport/Money belt

Kindle and charger (My Precious)

Shoes (Merrell is my personal fave, Keen is Ian’s)

Buff (ya know, for survival)

Point it book and pen (pics of everything you can think of, very handy when you don’t speak the local language)

Ibuprofen, makeup (chapstick, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner)

Flip flops (for beaches, communal showers, and currently my only ‘dress shoes’)

Cool zip-able quart sized bag, on top is travel brush, Q-tips, hair ties (have you seen my Sweety’s hair)

Wet ones, ear plugs, 6 months of contact lenses, travel DEET, extra lens cases, women’s Diva cup

Nail file, nail clipper, toothbrush and paste, flossers, mini conditioner, contact lense solution

Splitter (for watching the same movie on one device)

Flashlight (tiny, LED with carabiner clip on outside of back pack for power outages)

Universal plug adaptor by Imperial Design


Mesh Bag (holds the flashlight, plug adaptor and has a clip that attaches to inside of my bag for easy access)

My bag and I

For the non-belivers: yes, all that stuff fit in my carry on 38 liter Gregory bag. AND I will actually be wearing some of it so I’ll have some room for souvenirs. 🙂

Almost on our Way!

2 Crazy Nuttings about 2 Travel Light!

Ian and I have bought our travel gear and downloaded our lonely planet guide books. We’ve got lots of flights scheduled, a couple hotels booked, and some highlights to see and taste written down. Two small back packs (carry on only) and our wee bitty tablets will be our only belongings. Here’s a list of where we KNOW we are going, with time at the end to fill in some more countries! 









Sri Lanka