About Us: Travel and How We Do It

2travelight.com in Bali, 2018

We love to travel! Our mission is to travel light, have fun, try everything and go everywhere. To achieve this adventurous goal we build custom homes. Our company, Mountain Oasis Homes, Inc. is based in beautiful Sagle, Idaho. Ian and I built 6 homes as owner builders (in Hawaii and Idaho) before we quit our day jobs and created Mountain Oasis Homes. Currently (January 2022) we’ve built and sold 8 homes.

Credit Cards Are The Ticket For Miles

From the very first home in Hawaii we’ve played the credit card game, putting all our expenses on credit cards that earned miles and paying them off each month so we never accrued interest. We also keep an eye out for sign on bonuses and cancel cards while keeping our points. Ian boasts about only paying for a couple flights during our 6 month, 15 country trip with over 30 flights in the winter of 2017-2018. I also have the most generous parents who surprise us with occasional family trips to awesome places like Egypt and Antarctica. Spoiled? Well, yes. Grateful too!

The first home we built in Hawaii. We were living in a tent on site while planning our wedding!
The first home we built in Idaho.
An example of our custom tile work.
Garden and mountain view.
Our second home in Idaho. We lived here about 3 years as we built it.
Ian makes dinner (he’s a great cook). You can see the unfinished plywood floors.
It took us over a month to do the tile in this custom bathroom but well worth it.

Our current home is nestled on 5 acres of forest. Now that our son is a young man and lives on his own it’s the perfect size for us with only 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. It’s easy to clean and we can still have guests.

Our home

We love to travel and we also love to work for ourselves. No Boss means we can leave whenever we desire. If a concert is happening in Denver that we don’t want to miss, we go! And each winter our goal is to get away to warmer climes, and build one house a year to make this happen.

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