Moose Lake, Idaho September 2018

Moose Lake

An easy 2 mile hike leads to this beautiful cold water mountain lake. You won’t pass many other hikers on the way but you may see some wildlife.

A mother grouse keeps an eye on her brood below

The songs of birds in the canopy above and the chitter of squirrels are the only sounds you’ll hear if you pause to soak in the sunlight.

Sunlight dappled moment in the Kaniksu National Forest

There are several options for extending the hike that include other lakes and you can make it  7 mile trek if you like. Along the way keep an eye out for mushrooms in the fall. In early September we found plenty of sweet huckleberries that stained our hands and tongues deep purple.

Sweet huckleberry pickings along the trail

The drive to the trailhead is half the fun. It’s a 20 mile National Forest dirt road with some rough patches. It takes us 45 minutes off highway 200 at Trestle Creek. Majestic panoramas are a feast for the eye.

On the road to Moose Lake trailhead

Enjoy this heavenly paradise before the snow falls!