Four fun things to do in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico February 2021.

In the state of Chiapas in the south of Mexico is a delightful city that is a blend of Indigenous culture and modern sophistication. San Cristobal de las Casas offers plenty of International restaurants as well as local fare, wine bars, and even free tapas with your drink. Meanwhile there are colorful Indigenous locals weaving clothes in the shade and selling their wares both in the market and walking right up to you on the street. 

There are many pedestrian streets with outside seating.

Here are four things to do besides people watching while sipping wine or pox (the local corn liquor).

Explore Caves at Rio Arcotete

Take a taxi to Rio Arcotete just outside of town to the East. It should cost 100 pesos. Our driver tried to tell us it was 100 per person but we knew better and refused. It was only 100 on the return trip with a different driver.

Beautiful Rio Arcotete

Take a walk down to the river for a great photo opp and check out the cool cave you can explore. 

Inside the caves at Rio Arcotete.

Ride a Horse to an Indigenous Village

You can book a horseback ride to the indigenous village of San Juan Chamula from the tour companies all over the town center, but we got one through a hotel for just 250 pesos. It was a 3 hour deal with a 15 minute cab ride that dropped us off where the horses were waiting.

The first part of the ride was mostly through the forest and lasted about 45 minutes.

Then we arrived at the village and watched a procession leaving the church with guitar players, bottle rockets going off, and everyone in traditional dress. After that we paid 25 pesos each to enter the church and see the pine needle covered floor, statues of saints lining the walls and families gathered around hundreds of candles in rows praying. No cameras are allowed in the church.

The procession out of the church led by guitar players and someone setting off fireworks.

Take a Hike and See Beautiful Orchids

Take a taxi out to Orquideas Moxviquil, a botanical garden with lots of orchids and a mile and a half hike in the woods to a small cave.

This flower is becoming extinct because of its use in local pagan rituals.
There were many different types of orchids in greenhouses on site.

Take a Boat Ride Through a Canyon

Don’t miss a day trip to Sumidero Canyon for 340 pesos per person with The speed boat ride through the steep limestone canyon is fantastic and you’ll see crocodiles, spider monkeys and tons of different birds.

Dramatic canyon walls in Sumidero Canyon.
Spider monkey in the trees in Sumidero Canyon.

We enjoyed San Cristobal so much that we extended our stay. It would be easy to spend months exploring this town and its surroundings! 

Beautiful streets of San Cristobal de Las Cases.

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