Almunecar Spain Oct 2017

Playa Puerta del Mar

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Hotel Casablanca in the dreamy resort town of Almunecar. Everyone here seems to be in the Tranquil Zone. The seafood was fresh off the boat, the cocktails were frosty and the Mediterranean sea was cool and refreshing after a stroll down the beach in mid 70 degree sunshine.

Enjoying some vino at our Hotel Casablanca

Our room was $58 in US dollars, and the restaurant right in front had the most amazing dish of braised oxtails for $18 US. 

Entrance of the Hotel Casablanca
Cactus Garden above the Bird Sanctuary

The bird sanctuary was located right across the street from our hotel and had a large selection of tropical birds as well as lemurs and meerkats. A short path uphill led to beautiful cactus gardens.

Another gorgeous view in Almunecar

Peace and tranquility rule the day here where you can drink a bottle of wine with your menu del dia (menu of the day) and then sleep the afternoon away on the beach.

Playa San cristobAl at sunset

Buenos noches!




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