Tapas and Tinto (aka Food and Wine)

A bottle of vino blanco and free calamari tapas with Spanish coleslaw

We’re pleased to discover the wonderful tradition of getting a complimentary plate of tapas when you order a glass of wine in some restaurants in Southern Spain. For example, you can order a copa de vino tinto (a glass of red wine), nibble on the ubiquitous brine and sherry soaked olives in the bowl placed before you and before you can say ‘yum’ the kindly server has brought you a plate with two fried, breaded, goat cheese and bacon stuffed mushrooms. For free. You pay as little as 1.8 Euro ($2.10 US) for another copa and like some kind of Spanish magic now there’s a plate of paella. Another place may serve a plate of linguine with garlic and pork belly, or fried anchovies, or calamari with a side of Spanish coleslaw. Some tapas are hot, some are cold, some are served on a toothpick and others an entire plate full. How delightful is Spain! 

Wine is available by the glass usually between 1.8 and 3 Euros. You can buy a bottle for as little as 8 Euros or spend 20 on a nice bottle of Spanish wine. 

Free calamari tapas with a glass of tinto

Another tradition is the menu del dia (menu of the day) where you pick a starter, an entre, dessert and your bottle of wine of choice for around 10 Euros. Lunch is the big meal of the day in Spain, so its no surprise that everyone is taking a siesta mid-day after enjoying one of these amazing value meals.

Starters for a menu del dia: mussel soup and salad

For breakfast you can order a pile of churros to dip into thick hot chocolate for 3 Euros per person.

Churros dipped in hot chocolate

You can’t go wrong with a cold glass of sangria to toast the sunset. Salud!


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    1. Everyone has been very sweet and helpful as we stumble along with our semi fluent spanish. We feel totally safe walking the streets at night. So far we have stayed in Malaga, Almunecar, and Granada and have enjoyed our interactions with everyone from bus drivers to our waiters in the cafes.

  1. How wonderful. Looks like your spending a lot of time eating and drinking. Wish I was there. Brings back memories before Mike was a total veggie.

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