Tolantongo Hot Springs, Mexico, March 2021

Dozens of pools with geothermal hot spring water and an epic view of the desert canyon await you.

Tolantongo Hot Springs are located in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. This awesome complex has caves, waterfalls, a warm blue river, dozens of cascading infinity pools down a mountain side and zip lines (for an additional cost). There are hotels, restaurants, bars, tiendas, and camping areas for a more budget stay. Entry tickets for the day are $7.50 US per person.

Even the bright blue river is warm hot spring water!

There are two halves of the resort. On the ‘Grutas’ side you’ll find the big waterfall, a huge cave, a tunnel, the long blue river, and camping areas.

The gruta (cave) has a natural spout in the ceiling where hot water is pouring out, along with other smaller waterfalls and a tunnel you can swim into.

The ‘Paraiso’ side has the small warm infinity pools on the mountain side, a suspension bridge, a tunnel, and zip lines.

Enjoy a soak in the warm spring water!

Travel Tip: Bring lots of cash! All those restaurants, bars and tiendas are cash only, and your room is too. Plus you have to buy entry tickets for both your arrival day and your departure day in order to get a room. So for us to stay 2 nights we had to buy 3 days of entry tickets.
For our departure we caught the 7:30 AM bus and they refunded us for the last day we didn’t use.

Inside the tunnel on the Paraiso side.

If you like hot springs this is a ‘Must See’ in Mexico!

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