Out and About in Antigua Guatemala, February 2021

The famous Santa Catalina Arch of Antigua built in the 17th century.

We arrived to Antigua before our room was ready so we headed next door to Antigua Brewing Company. Climbing the stairs to the shady terrace we settled into a flight of six house brews. Taking the first sips we heard exclamations from fellow patrons and looking up saw ash spewing from the top of Fuego Volcano!

View from Antigua Brewing Company of an ash cloud erupting from Fuego Volcano.
Zoomed in view of Fuego erupting at night, taken from our hotel roof.

There is plenty to do, see and eat in Antigua! You can find international and regional restaurants, breweries, and wine bars, some built within old ruins. There are gorgeous cathedrals and ruins of majestic buildings that were part of the old capital of Guatemala before the big earthquake hit in 1773 and the capital was moved to Guatemala City.

Beautiful buildings and tropical foliage in Antigua.
This convent became a prison in more modern times. Now it’s a ruin to explore.

You can spend hours just visiting the town square, feeding pigeons at the fountain and walking the colorful streets of Antigua.

The main plaza in Antigua with a volcano looming in the distance.
The Fountain in Central Park.

A popular hike to Pacaya Volcano is currently closed due to the volcanic eruptions. We took a trip around the volcano to the other side where we waited until nightfall to get some good pictures. The lava flowing down with occasional loud explosions of ash and lava was pretty magnificent.

Ash erupts from Pacaya Volcano.
It’s easier to see the glow from the lava once the sun goes down.
Beautiful, colorful Antigua Guatemala!

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