Rustic Fuentes Georginas Hot Springs, Guatemala February 2021

View from the main pool at the hot springs.

Soaking in volcanic hot springs while watching hummingbirds and butterflies is a great way to relax. Fuentes Georginas is a ‘must do’ for any romantic or nature lover out there!

The bus stop in Zunil with volcano in the distance.

From Quetzaltenango we caught a bus for 7 quetzales ($1.00 US) each which brought us to Zunil. Then we got a camionetta (a pickup truck/taxi where you ride standing up in the back and there are metal bars to hold onto) for 25 quetzales each for the final 5 mile stretch up the steep valley to the hot springs.

Ian is ready for the ride up the hill in this camionetta.

You pay 60 quetzales ($7 US) to enter the site and get your ticket. Then we asked to rent a cabana for the night. We checked out 3 cabanas before we picked number 7. Number 1 was right next to reception and the restaurant (noisy) and smelled musty. Number 5 smelled like a porta potty. We picked number 7 because it just smelled like a fireplace (how romantic!). It wasn’t available until later so we carried our bags to the main pool and changed into our bathing suits in the changing/bathrooms. We felt secure leaving our bags on a bench within sight although lockers are available.

The main pool at the resort.

We soaked in the green hot spring water until we got hungry and then dried off with our sarongs (best universal pack item), grabbed our bags and walked back to the restaurant area at the front because the main restaurant next to the big pool is under renovation.

The lower, hotter pool near the entrance.

After an OK lunch with decent margaritas we checked into our private cabana. On Mondays the main pool is closed at 4 to drain and refill it. So we walked down to the smaller but hotter hot spring that is at the entrance to the resort.

Dinner with a view.

We had dinner at the resort with a great view of the volcano. Sunset was amazing as clouds poured into the valley, billowing into shapes and making the volcano disappear and reappear.

Enjoying the fireplace in our private cabana.

Trouble in Paradise! That night Ian happily made our fire and lit candles to enjoy the ambiance. The wood was a bit green but he got it going. After some time passed smoke started rolling into the room. We’re pretty sure the chimney needs cleaning. We ended up opening the windows and doors and letting the smoke clear out. We enjoyed it while it lasted!

The main pool on Tuesday morning after being drained!

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