Tanzania Safari 2017

Wildebeest, The Great Migration, Serengeti National Park

Our four day and three night Tanzanian Safari was amazing beyond my highest expectations. We witnessed The Great Migration, saw a Black Rhino (on the brink of extinction, only 20 left in Ngorongoro Crater), survived meeting a Black Mamba (second largest venomous snake in the world), and were 10 feet away from several lions at different encounters.

Giraffes in Ngorongoro Crater

These photos were all taken on my iPhone so you can just imagine what beautiful pictures Ian was able to take with his good camera and zoom lens. Due to resizing issues alll photos on this blog have been from my iPhone.

Giraffe in Lake Manyara National Park

Zebras in Serengeti National Park
Zebras in Lake Manyara National Park
Zebras in Serengeti National Park
Baboons in Ngorongoro Crater
Elephant in Tarangire national park

And our favorites, the lions!

Lion cub in Serengeti National Park
Lions in Serengeti National Park
Female lions in Serengeti National Park
Lion on the crater rim, Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area

6 thoughts on “Tanzania Safari 2017”

  1. Your Iphone took great pictures. Hard to say which ones were my favorite. I really loved the colorfull zebras but the lion coming right at you was wonderful plus the monkeys. Great job

    1. Thank you! That last lion picture was a very rare area to see them so extra special. There were 2 males and the one in the picture is literally right outside the Land Cruiser, he’s staring at Ian who is also taking his picture at the same time. Very exciting moment!

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