Sahara Desert Camel Trek

Camel crossing 🙂

We drove our rental car into the desert. Travel tip-  buy water, wine and beer in the town of Ouarzazate (literally the Moroccan Hollywood) on your way through because alcohol is almost impossible to find and you’ll be thirsty. Chapstick is a good thing too. Once you get close to the town of Merzouga any hotel will be offering overnight camel treks and even sunset only treks for the less adventurous. The dunes literally start outside the back door and often times there are camels waiting for the next trek right past the hotel pool.

Camels waiting for trekking
Tagine pots ready for dinner in front of Kasbah

Buffett dinners seem to be pretty common so expect tagine, vegetables and olives spread out for all. When it comes to your trek ask specific questions. For example, we asked ‘should we bring water?’. Yes, we’re each supposed to bring a bottle of water. ‘What kind of clothes?’. Warm clothes. It’s hot in the day but very cold at night in the desert. We didn’t think to ask ‘should we bring toilet paper?’ (there wasn’t any) or ‘should we bring a light?’ (luckily we had a headlamp and flashlight).

Our guide Hassan, a master riddle teller
Shadows of our trek into the Sahara 

Our group consisted of our guide, Ian and I, a girl from Paris and three Moroccans. When we arrived to camp there was another camp helper who actually lives there. And some cats.

Our camp in the desert
You can sandboard in The Sahara

There were a couple snowboards available to go sandboarding which Ian tried successfully. I used it as a sled. Those dunes were steep!

The Sahara Desert, Erg Chebbi
Happy Camel CampErs

A good time was had by all.

Portrait of a Saharan camel


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