Fez, Morocco November 2017

The Bab Bou Jeloud (the blue gate) of the medina in Fez

It feels like a trip back in time once you walk through one of the dramatic gates of the ancient medina of Fez. The medina is one of the oldest and largest walled cities in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. Within its labyrinth of alleyways you pass donkeys carrying fresh fruit, barrels of spice, and artisans practicing ancient trades.

Deep in the medina of Fez
Musical instruments in Fez

Getting a view overlooking the tanneries is an enlightening experience. Your guide begins by handing you a sprig of fresh mint to hold over your nose to help with the smell. Once you’re on the terrace above he explains how the skins are prepared with pigeon droppings and cow urine. The many vats of colored dyes are all vegetable based and men are waist deep stomping on the skins. 

The tannery area of the ancient medina in fez

Make sure you enter the medina with plenty of time because it’s easy to get lost. Also be aware the pressure is high for you to buy something from all the vendors but a smile and repeating ‘non merci’ (no thank you) will get you by. 

Tanning skins and cemetery outside the Bab Fettouh gate of the medina in Fez

There are other sites to see outside of the medina, which makes Fez worth a several day visit. Bring your Imodium, patience and a good heart and enjoy a taste of ancient history alive before your eyes.

Donkeys of Fez

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  1. Wow, I have found smell to be a big component in traveling and yet the hardest to share. I love the smell of an elephant but how do you describe it. Thanks again for bringing us with the both of you.

  2. You have a lot of will power not to buy anything but I guess you don’t have a choice. But you must get a little reminder. I still use the copper kettle on our gas burner stove we bought 46 years ago and still love it. $3

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