Gibraltar November 2017

On ‘The Rock’, Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British owned territory where you can find lots of fish and chips pubs, limestone caves and even monkeys who live in the steepest points with the best views. John Lennon and Yoko Ono were married here as well as Ian’s parents. 

View from The Rock of Gibraltar of the border of Spain

To get here you must cross the airstrip which separates Spain from Gibraltar. The picture above is taken from a tunnel carved into The Rock during World War I overlooking the airstrip and border from Spain. It was nice to speak a little English again even if the fish and chips were a bit bland.

Saint Michael’s Cave within the Rock of Gibraltar

We were also glad to discover that our Euros were accepted by the bus driver, cab driver and three different restaurants we visited so there’s no need to exchange currency before heading over. Also, the Queen’s Way Quay was a great spot for a gin and tonic overlooking the marina with it’s huge yachts at sunset.


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