Nafplio, Greece 2021

The ancient land gate with Palamidi Fortress crowning the hill.

We reached Nafplio in the evening after an overnight ferry from Santorini and two bus rides. Our place for four nights (Dafni Pension) was situated at the back end of the old town, a 5 minute walk to Arvanitia Beach. From our balcony we could see the masts of ships in port, and Palamidi Fortress overlooking the town behind us.

Stunning view from Palamidi Fortress.

Nafplio is a walking town and cars and scooters are rarely seen on the narrow alleys except for those making deliveries. Mornings were quiet but the restaurants near the port were pretty hopping once the day tourists arrived from Athens.

A quiet alleyway in Nafplio.
Bougainvillea adds color to the charming streets.

Orange trees, olives, and eucalyptus trees are prevalent in back alley yards. Cats are found everywhere resting on benches and begging under tables. Wandering the streets we tasted gelato, greek salads, moussaka, and an orange cake made from phyllo dough, orange liquor and honey.

We learned that greek salad is comprised of vegetables, no salad greens!
Cocktail hour in Nafplio includes an artistic view.
A stormy sunset near the port.

We made Nafplio our destination but some visitors make it home base as they explore the many attractions in the area. We found plenty to do, such as visiting Palamidi Fortress and swimming at Arvanitia Beach.

We only had one hour to explore Palamidi Fortress but I recommend two if you want to see everything.

You can climb the 999 steps to Palamidi Fortress but I have a sprained ankle so we hired a taxi in the main square to take us and wait. It’s actually a large site to see between the views and touring the bastions. It was a prison after its life as a fortress and you can stand inside the cells and see the wooden beds with stones for pillows. The views over the beautiful town are spectacular.

The path that leads to warm and clear swimming waters at Arvanitia Beach.

We loved seeing canons dating from the 1300’s and stopping at a cafe to watch huge yachts sail by the Bourtzi Fortress built in 1473. A fabulous mix of old and new in a place we will return to.

One of ‘The Five Brothers’ canons that once defended the fortress.
Bourtzi Fortress
Goodnight Nafplio!