Costa Rica 2019: Cloudforest

Light filtered through towering plant covered trees in the cloud forest.

Monteverde was an otherworldly experience. We stayed two nights in two different private cabins overlooking green rolling mountains filled with mist, flowing clouds, intense winds and sometimes rain flying sideways.

We spent our first night at Rainbow Valley Lodge in this cool modern “cabin”.
Coffee with a view at Rainbow Valley Lodge
A coati enjoying some cat food for breakfast.

Spending three hours exploring Bosque Nuboso Monteverde was not enough to see the entire park. This is partially due to the slow reverence of our walking, as we gazed upward into the glowing green soft light of the canopy above.

So much green!
Moss dripping, misty cloud forest

Giant ferns and towering trees made us feel like ants in Jurassic Park.
Everything was covered in life. No tree showed its bark. Moss, bromeliads, air plants and orchids sprout from anything standing vertical.

Feeling tiny among the giants.

There is a 100m suspension bridge that sways high above the cloud forest floor. Walking it gave us a bird’s eye view of trickling streams far below.

Suspension bridge for a unique view within the canopy!

After our journey we stopped at a coffee shop right outside the gates to see a multitude of humming birds that are attracted by feeders. So many gorgeous colors!

Many thanks to my husband Ian Nutting for his beautiful photographs that I used in this blog. Up next: Beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula!

Sunset looking towards the Gulf of Nicoya

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