Angkor Wat, Cambodia March 2018

Angkor Wat, One of the seven wonders and largest religious monument in the world

What we call ‘Angkor Wat’ is actually a collection of temples, palaces, lakes and terraces spread out over 500 acres. But there is a temple called Angkor Wat that is pictured above and below.

Dancing goddess carvings grace the walls of Angkor Wat

There are several ticket options for seeing the entire complex and we chose the three day for $62. This allowed us to see the temples for partial days and then jump in the pool at our guesthouse to cool off. It was HOT.

Bayon temple is decorated with 216 giant faces

Our favorite temple, Ta Prohm, is the one with the least amount of restoration. Here is where you can see several ancient trees (one is 800 years old) slowly returning the beautifully carved stones to Nature.

Ta Prohm temple built in 1186

We had arrived on a mission to see the iconic image of a face peering out from gnarled tree roots, only to find out you can’t see it anymore. We did find a tiny dancing goddess though, if you look on the left….

Ta Som temple

A strange but highly entertaining way to end a day of pretending that you’re Indiana Jones is to head over to Pub Street. Extremely cheap beer followed by a one hour foot massage will get you ready for another day of adventure!

Cheap prices in US dollars on Pub Street

The lights are bright, the music loud and the crocodile and frog leg Cambodian BBQ delicious. We didn’t have  courage to try these tasty nubbins though…

Snakes, tarantulas and scorpions for snacks on Pub Street

Although the crowds can be thick at times in the popular areas of Angkor Wat you can still have time to pause and reflect in this amazing, awe inspiring place. And take a picture without anyone in it :).

Inside temple Preah Khan

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